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Get personalized care with effective treatment to improve your hormonal health

Our approach

Determine the cause

We work out the cause of your symptoms to provide appropriate treatment and suggest the safest options for balancing your hormones.

Complete diagnostics

We take into account your medical history, genetics and lifestyle so that we can fully understand how we can help you.

Appropriate treatment

We provide our patients only with FDA-approved treatment options that have been backed by years of research to prove efficacy and safety.

How it works


Get to know you

You can get a free telephone or in-person consultation with one of our doctors. During this time we learn all about your symptoms and determine how we can help.


Examination and testing

To confirm or disprove the causes of your current condition we run several tests. After that, we’ll be confident in 100% which type of treatment will help you.


Getting a prescription

After a medical examination and testing confirm your hormonal deficiency, you receive a legal prescription for the therapy.


Start treatment

Receive a personalized treatment according to your individual needs. This includes hormone therapy with nutritional and lifestyle plans that will help to maximize the benefits of treatment.

Restore a healthy balance.


of our patients feel first improvements in their symptoms in less than a month.

What we treat

We provide an innovative approach to treating specific hormonal health problems. For men and women, our team provides personalized treatment to help with achieving your goals.

HGH Deficiency

Growth hormone deficiency has detrimental effects on your body composition, body fat, energy levels, and quality of life. If left untreated, growth hormone deficiency can lead to more serious health complications.

Check your symptoms

Low Testosterone

Testosterone levels decrease naturally with age. Some men might experience debilitating symptoms once their T levels drop under a certain threshold, such as ED, muscle loss and fat gain.

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