HFS Clinic Principles

In our work, we adhere to strict principles of thorough care and individually-chosen therapy for every patient. In addition to the principles of medical ethics, at HFS Clinic we compulsorily follow these rules:

  • We adhere to the highest standards in the production and management of content on our website.
  • Innovation is at the core of our work. We constantly conduct research and monitor the work of our colleagues in the field of evidence-based medicine and hormonal research.
  • High moral standards are incredibly important in the work of any medical institution. We strive to follow the moral principles of humankind and safeguard each patient’s data, and medical history. In our clinic, you can be sure of confidentiality, a careful and responsive approach to your treatment, and impeccable courtesy of the staff.
  • High professional standards. Each of our specialists constantly improves their skills and works not only as a practicing doctor, but also conducts research activities to improve methods of hormone replacement therapy.

Patient care is the cornerstone of our work. These are our mission and goal to achieve the best results in improving the quality of life of people suffering from hormonal imbalance.

Our Mission

We focus our work on treating adults with hormone deficiency to provide them with the therapy that will prolong health and well-being, improve sex life, quality of life and physical condition.

It is our mission to provide every patient with the greatest care affordable for everyone. We all know that hormonal balance is a key to your healthy future, and you can archive it with hormone replacement therapy. We strive to make our services more accessible to all who suffer from hormone deficiency symptoms and enable them to heal.

We do not limit our services to online help only. You are welcome to apply for medical services from our specialists both offline and online.