HGH Side Effects For Women

The human body is naturally able to produce the Human Growth Hormone on its own. When the hormone is functioning the way it is supposed to, the body is able to grow at a normal rate. Unfortunately, as an adult, the production of human growth hormone does not stay the same and that is when your body starts to see the signs of an HGH deficiency. To treat this medical condition, it is recommended by many doctors to start hormone replacement treatment. HRT can treat and even stop the signs of HGH deficiency and can slow the signs of aging as well as providing more energy and stamina.

Side effects of HGH for women

No matter the benefits, it is always important for you to undergo therapy under the proper supervision of a doctor whether you are male or female. If you do not follow the proper medical advice you could experience adverse reactions and side-effects.

There are many different possible side-effects of HGH that vary significantly between patients. Fortunately, these side-effects are not serious in most circumstances. While there is no link between HGH and the development of new tumors, it is possible that the hormones may be detrimental to those who already have been diagnosed with cancer. The side-effects vary between individuals but can be largely avoided with the help of your doctor. Some of the rare and side-effects of HGH include abnormal bone growth, inflammation of the organs, problems sleeping, and bleeding.
Minor Side-Effects

Improper dosage of HGH may cause a headache. This is mainly nervous system related combined with increased cranial pressure. There may be changes in your heart-beat, but these are much rarer than the previous side-effects. Some patients report a change in their hair that includes some hair loss and the drying out of the hair strands. Very few people have made complaints about any side-effects of HGH on their hair.

Some of the more rare HGH side effects for women include:

  • Liver Damage
    Because the function of the liver is to filter toxic materials and other particles out of the blood, large amounts of any hormones can cause damage to the liver as it is trying to filter out anything that is not blood If the liver is being damaged by the HGH, the prescription dosage may need to be modified.
  • Low Blood Sugar
    Too high of a dose of HGH can cause extreme dips in blood sugar can be one of the HGH side effects for women. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you check your blood sugar and consume the proper amount of carbohydrates. Not monitoring your blood sugar properly could lead to adverse effects.
  • Acromegaly
    If a much higher dose than needed is used of HGH, this condition occurs frequently. The hands, feet, and facial bones will grow and the nose and jaw will look abnormal. In addition, there is an increase in the growth of body hair. If this side-effect occurs, immediately tell your doctor as it can be treated and your dosage can be changed.
  • Water Retention
    If a patient takes a higher dose of HGH than their body can handle, the body will start to retain water rapidly. This condition causes the thickening of the skin which will make it look less distinctive. This will interfere with some of the positive effects of HGH therapy.

If you suspect that your HGH levels are too low, you should speak to your doctor. If you do not have a deficiency, you do not need to take the injections and can avoid the HGH side effects for women. Never try to treat yourself for the deficiency, always speak to a qualified specialist before starting anything. They can work with you to determine the best medication, dosage, and frequency of the injections. Your customized treatment plan can assure you will get the best results with the least HGH side effects for women.

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