How to Get Prescribed Testosterone Injections at HFS Clinic

Get testosterone prescription from doctor

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is currently a treatment of choice for people who have low testosterone (T) levels coupled with symptoms. It is the only scientifically proven way to increase testosterone in people with abnormally low T levels.

However, testosterone is a prescription medication and its improper use can lead to hormonal imbalance and potentially serious medical conditions.

That’s why it is important to get TRT prescribed by a qualified specialist who will be able to improve your hormonal issues without jeopardizing your health.

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Do you need TRT?

You can be a candidate for TRT only if you meet the specific criteria recommended by the Endocrine Society. According to them, you are eligible for TRT only if you have low serum T in combination with symptoms.

The first criterion is low serum testosterone, which is defined as levels lower than 300 ng/dL in males. Since testosterone levels in men fluctuate daily, your doctor might need a second test to confirm the findings.

The second criterion is at least one symptom, caused by low T levels. Typical symptoms include:

  • Low sex drive
  • Low energy levels
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood swings, depression or anxiety
  • Anemia

Such a condition, in which your body is no longer producing enough sex hormones, is also called hypogonadism. It might be caused by problems with your pituitary gland, which controls the function of the testes.

Furthermore, the testicles might not be functioning properly due to tumors, physical trauma, radiation, chemotherapy, genetic syndromes (Klinefelter’s), or andropause. In all these cases testosterone is commonly recommended and prescribed.

Do you need TRT

In men, testosterone therapy can lead to significant benefits in all the symptoms related to low T. You are likely to experience better mood, increased libido, improvements in body composition, better bone health, higher energy levels, and insulin sensitivity.

However, these benefits can come at the price of some side effects. They include infertility, elevated red blood cell count, and increased urination. The scientific community is still out on the debate whether or not TRT might increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, TRT is not recommended in people with a history of heart problems, breast or prostate cancer.

If therapy is prescribed by a qualified doctor, these risks can be minimized or completely avoided. That is achieved by careful titration of the dose. Besides, an experienced clinician will monitor various parameters throughout the treatment.

They include measuring serum T, blood cell count, prostate-specific antigens, free testosterone calculator and overall compliance with the therapy.

Can you get testosterone online or without a prescription?

Testosterone is a controlled substance because it has high abuse potential. That’s why TRT is available only with a doctor’s prescription.

Generally, to get testosterone legally requires an in-person visit with your medical doctor, because declined T levels can be diagnosed only after your doctor performs blood tests and a medical examination. However, in some states, it is also legal to receive a prescription online from a licensed physician.

Obtaining testosterone with a fake prescription or without any at all is both dangerous for your health and illegal. Some people might consider it as a way to save time or money, but there are several serious risks associated with it:

  • Diluted substances
  • Expired chemicals
  • Contamination with dangerous bacteria or toxic chemicals

The lack of medical supervision and control significantly increases the risk of side effects, accidents, and other health problems

How to get a prescription for testosterone

Obtaining a legal testosterone prescription is a process, which starts with a consultation with your medical doctor. In some states, this can happen via telemedicine appointment while in other in-person visit is required.

How to get testosterone prescription

You will be asked about your symptoms, personal medical history, and family medical history. If you have sleep apnea, cardiovascular or urinary problems, therapy is not recommended. Besides, you might not be eligible for TRT if you have a family history of prostate cancer.

Afterward, you will undergo a physical examination, which will determine if there are any health concerns and contraindications against TRT. Your physician will order tests for you, that will measure your total T levels in the morning before breakfast.

If the results are marginal, measuring free testosterone concentrations is also recommended. Furthermore, complete blood count, coagulation parameters, prostate-specific antigen, can be included as well.

Testosterone prescription cost

Multiple factors will determine testosterone prescription costs. These include:

  • Brand or generic
  • Pharmaceutical form
  • Dosage you are prescribed
  • Timespan of the treatment

Considering the factors above, prescribed testosterone products cost ranges from $100 up to $1000. Laboratory tests and doctor’s visits which are a mandatory part of acquiring a legal TRT prescription also contribute to the total price.

Visiting an experienced hormone specialist will cost $100 on average while laboratory testing ranges between $50 to $100. The exact price depends on whether you are testing total testosterone levels only or in combination with free testosterone. Furthermore, your doctor might assign additional blood and urine tests to rule out the contraindications of TRT.

Non-prescription products might be considerably cheaper but they are often counterfeit, not regulated, and do not have their exact ingredients specified. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients which are not listed on the label, it can be potentially life-threatening.

Furthermore, obtaining such products is against the law and you can encounter serious legal problems.

Can your doctor prescribe testosterone injections?

If you are a candidate for TRT, it is important to visit a doctor that specializes in hormone therapy.

An experienced physician will prescribe testosterone injections only after the required tests and physical exams. Furthermore, they will make sure that you do not have any contraindications that might put your health at risk once you start TRT.

There are several questions, which you should ask a physician before the therapy begins:

  1. How often should you visit them? (regular checkups every 6 months is usually the standard protocol).
  2. Do they allow patients to self-inject at home? (if not this would mean you need to visit them weekly which is often inconvenient).
  3. Do they offer any anti-estrogens or HCG therapy in addition to TRT? (it is important for preventing infertility and testicular atrophy if those are concerns for you).
  4. Do they provide any other therapies that can complement TRT? (therapies for erectile dysfunction, urological problems, cardiovascular issues, etc).

You can make sure that you will receive safe and effective treatment by obtaining a legal TRT prescription from a qualified specialist

You can get testosterone legally at HFS Clinic in more than 90 locations across the US.

Our physicians are highly experienced in providing the highest quality testosterone therapy while preserving your health. They will strictly monitor your treatment and minimize the risk of any side effects appearance.

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