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Our clinic provides HGH therapy in the form of injections. Currently, it is the most effective and safe option to treat the symptoms of growth hormone deficiency (GHD) according to official guidelines.

Growth hormone injections

All brands of HGH injections that we offer are FDA-approved and you can buy the medications at the best price available on the market. Make sure that you purchase FDA-approved products only from licensed clinics that require a prescription.

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What do HGH injections treat?

HGH injections are approved by the FDA for the treatment of poor growth and short stature in children as well as several conditions in adults, including:

Low GH can lead to debilitating symptoms such as abdominal obesity, muscle wasting, chronic fatigue, depression, elevated cholesterol, bone loss, and sexual dysfunction.

Currently, injectable growth hormone is the only reliable option to restore normal GH levels and cope with the condition.

Attempting other treatments or simply postponing HGH therapy means prolonging the suffering caused by the symptoms.

Untreated GHD increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and mortality

Thus, it is important to start treatment as soon as possible. Restoring hormonal balance will alleviate your symptoms and reduce the risk of complications.

HGH injections we provide

We offer treatment with the world’s leading HGH brands such as Humatrope, Genotropin, Norditropin, Omnitrope, and Saizen.

HumatroPen 6, 12, 24mg

Humatrope is manufactured by Eli Lilly, US. It comes as vials that require reconstitution and the use of regular syringes or as cartridges that must be used with the HumatroPen. The product has to be injected daily subcutaneously.

Genotropin MiniQuick 0.2mg

Genotropin is manufactured by Pfizer, US. It comes either in multi-dose Genotropin Pen or single-use pen devices called Genotropin Miniquicks. It can be taken daily or 6 times per week, subcutaneously.

Norditropin FlexPro 5, 10, 15mg

Norditropin is manufactured by Novo Nordisk, Denmark. Synthetic growth hormone is in prefilled and preloaded Norditropin FlexPro pens which are more convenient for use than regular pens but can’t be refilled. They must be used daily and administered subcutaneously.

Omnitrope 10mg

Omnitrope is manufactured by Sandoz, Germany. The HGH is either in a vial that requires reconstitution and administration via a regular syringe or a prefilled pen. They are also administered subcutaneously daily.

Saizen 8.8mg

Saizen is manufactured by Merck Serono, Germany. Growth hormone comes either as a vial or a reconstitution device called Click.easy. Then the product can be administered with a syringe or via Saizen’s smart injector devices called Easypod and

How to get legal GH injections in the US?

The purchase of growth hormone injections is under strict FDA control due to the risk of off-label use and abuse. Thus, you need to have a valid medical prescription in order to buy legal HGH.

To get a legal HGH prescription you should visit a licensed medical specialist, such as a general practitioner or endocrinologist.

HGH prescription

Your doctor will establish whether you have GHD during an in-person medical consultation that includes specific diagnostic tests. Online diagnosis is not possible because the tests must be performed in clinical settings and under medical supervision.

If your tests and symptoms both indicate that you have low GH levels, then your medical specialist can diagnose you and prescribe HGH.

When you have a prescription, you can buy HGH injections online or in-person, as long as it is from a licensed clinic or pharmacy.

Is it legal to buy treatment elsewhere?

Some websites offer treatment at clinics in Mexico or Costa Rica where growth hormone can be purchased without a prescription.

Despite the cheap price offered, injections may turn out to be a considerable financial burden due to potential ineffectiveness and health risks.

Besides, GHD requires long-term treatment. In those clinics, you can receive injectable HGH only for the duration of your stay.

If you attempt to bring HGH across the border, you are allowed to carry only small amounts of FDA-approved drugs for which you must have a legal prescription.

Make sure to purchase injections from licensed clinics only that require a legal prescription. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that you will receive a genuine, safe and effective product.

What effects to expect?

Studies have demonstrated that HGH injections can lead to improvements in all symptoms of GHD, including:

  • Abdominal fat loss and improved cholesterol
  • Increased muscle mass and strength
  • Boost in energy levels and libido
  • Improved bone mineral density
  • Better quality of life

GH injections are safe and effective for the management of GHD. The therapy has shown great efficacy and a favorable safety profile in trials with children and adults alike.

Side effects can be minimized or avoided by adhering to the recommendations and dosage prescribed by your doctor.

When to expect the benefits from treatment?

The first benefits of growth hormone injections occur after the first month of therapy. They include a reduced amount of abdominal and visceral fat. This has major benefits for cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health.

Within the first 6 months, patients can also expect an increase in lean body mass, strength, energy levels, and libido.

After 6 months of therapy, most of the patients also experience an increase in bone mineral density. The benefits for bone mass last even after discontinuing the therapy.

The rest of the benefits of HGH injections last only during the treatment duration

Growth hormone replacement therapy restores normal GH levels but it doesn’t treat the original cause of GHD. That’s why once it is discontinued, the symptoms will likely return.

What to discuss with the doctor before starting?

Make sure to notify your doctor if you have cancer, a history of malignant disease, or any reason to believe you might be at an increased risk of cancer such as a family history. Preexisting neoplasia might be worsened by HGH therapy.

Doctor tell patients what to expect from HGH therapy

Furthermore, warn your doctor if you have coagulopathy or another reason that subcutaneous injections might be contraindicated. Other contraindications against injections include:

  • untreated diabetes
  • cancer patients
  • increased fluid pressure in the brain
  • edemas or visible water retention
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • pancreatitis
  • sleep apnea

However, there is no reason to believe that HGH injections may induce cancer or malignancy in otherwise healthy individuals

The majority of studies do not confirm a link between HGH therapy and serious adverse effects such as neoplasia or diabetes.

Patients with good control over their diabetes will have to consult with their doctor who will readjust their diabetes medications during HGH therapy.

Furthermore, there might be some minor and transitory side effects related to water retention, which can be easily managed by adjusting the dose. They include edemas, increased intracranial pressure, joint pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Allergic reactions to injectable HGH are rare but potentially dangerous. They are usually reactions to some of the preservatives in the injection and not the HGH itself.

Seek emergency medical help if there are symptoms such as skin hives, breathing difficulties, and swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat.

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