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How to get legal HGH prescription

To get a prescription for HGH, you must have symptoms of growth hormone deficiency and medical tests that confirm your disorder. Only a specialized physician can diagnose and prescribe growth hormone (GH) treatment.

At HFS Clinic we make this process very fast and easy for our patients.

We start with a physical examination and assessments of your symptoms. Then we check your IGF-1 and GH levels to confirm hormonal imbalance.

If hormone deficiency is confirmed, you’ll get a prescription for HGH therapy and begin the recovery process.

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How does a doctor prescribe HGH?

Only a specialized doctor can diagnose and prescribe HGH, it could be an endocrinologist or licensed physician.

Any other medical or paramedical specialists who say that you don’t need a diagnosis and suggest treating your deficiency with supplements or naturally are untrustworthy.

In the following lines, you will learn how to get a legitimate prescription for growth hormone treatment in our clinic.

Step 1: Physical examination

Visit the clinic for the initial physical examination and medical history taken by the physician. The clinical findings of growth hormone deficiency using the physical examination are non-specific and usually do not lead to a specific diagnosis.

But it is an important step so that the clinician judges whether there is any indication to check further for any possible GH deficiency.

Step 2: Blood tests

After the physical examination and in case of suspicion for growth hormone deficiency next step is blood tests to confirm the initial hypothesis.

Blood work

There are several tests used to measure IGF-1 and GH levels, depending on the country and the laboratory preference. Such tests are the GHRH plus arginine stimulation test (GHRH + ARG stimulation test) or the insulin tolerance test (ITT) and the glucagon stimulation test.

Usually, when we test the growth hormone secretion after insulin-induced hypoglycemia an impaired peak of GH levels in one test is enough to diagnose GH deficiency in adults. Especially when the suspicion for it is high.

In such cases, also a single IGF-1 measurement might be enough for the diagnosis. However, if the chances for adult GH deficiency are low we conduct both the GH and IGF-1 tests to make sure that we have no doubts.

Factors such as age and Body Mass Index should be considered when defining severe GH deficiency as an indication for hormone therapy. This is explained by the fact that the growth hormone response is decreasing by age.

Step 3: Starting HGH treatment

The doctor evaluates your blood test results and makes the diagnosis by combining the physical examination findings and medical history. In the case of growth hormone deficiency, the doctor decides about your therapy, the exact duration and doses.

Treatment starts with lower doses, which are increased gradually until they reach the desired results. You’ll also learn from the doctor how to mix and how to inject growth hormone correctly. Therefore, the follow-up by a doctor during the whole duration of the therapy is critical to achieving successful results.

Can you get an HGH prescription online?

Since we are talking about hormone replacement therapy, you have to understand that getting prescribed HGH without blood tests and physical examination is malpractice and is not ethical.

Phone consultation with a doctor

However, you can get a free phone consultation with a doctor to inform you about the necessary steps to evaluate and check the existence of GH deficiency and to get a prescription for treatment.

Some websites may offer you to get HGH injections online without any tests or medical examinations. Such organizations can sell illegal products that may contain hazardous substances that can cause various health problems.

How much does a prescription for HGH cost?

HGH prescription is not a simple process of taking a piece of paper and writing down what treatment you need and how to take it. It is a whole process that you must bear in mind.

This process includes the initial doctor’s consultation and physical examination, blood tests, and the evaluation of the result of the tests.

Growth hormone prescription cost

Therefore, since laboratories, doctors and clinics are involved in the whole process, they will charge you different fees, prices vary from clinic to clinic. The average cost of medical consultations and tests (GHRH + ARG stimulation test or ITT) is $70-100.

Our clinic chooses the most reliable doctors to take care of your growth hormone deficiency and provide evidence-based medical care. Take advantage of the quality of services that we provide and book an appointment with one of our doctors to help you treat the growth hormone deficiency, efficiently and safely.

Is HGH prescription only?

Remember that buying HGH injections without a prescription is prohibited in the United States. In our clinic, we provide only legal brands of injections according to the needs of each patient.

For our patients, we might judge that they need injection devices such as the Norditropin FlexPro pen device. These devices are known to deliver the growth hormone with minimal pain and adjustability.

Some other brands with different characteristics that belong to the category of growth hormones usually prescribed are Saizen, Humatrope, Genotropin, Zomacton.

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