HGH Prescription

It is well-known that growth hormone (GH) affects many organs and tissues of our body. The role of GH in children and adolescents is to stimulate the growth of bone and cartilage.

In both children and adults, GH boosts protein production, it contributes to the use of fat and affects the action of insulin, and blood sugar levels. Moreover, growth hormone influences the levels of insulin-like growth factor-1 resulting in its raise.

HGH prescription

In adults, hypersecretion of GH results in acromegaly which is a condition characterized by insulin resistance, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular morbidities, soft tissue enlargement, and excessive skeletal growth.

Untreated adult growth hormone deficiency (AGHD) is linked with excess morbidity and mortality caused by cardiovascular disease, reduced aerobic exercise capacity, abdominal obesity, reduced lean body mass, and osteopenia. Therefore, it is important to act as soon as possible to reverse the negative effects that accompany growth hormone deficiency.

Men with Growth Hormone Deficiency are More Responsive to HGH Therapy Compared to Women

There are several studies highlighting the differences between men and women with HGH deficiency in their responsiveness to hormone replacement therapy. Researchers claim that these differences are probably influenced by sex hormones and women seem to have increased chances of side effects.

However, it is not only the gender that plays a role in the responsiveness of people to HGH therapy. Like in multiple other diseases, obesity and increased age are two factors that make the patients more vulnerable to side effects following human growth hormone therapy.

Therefore, there is a need for a doctor to evaluate the condition and special needs of the potential therapy receivers. The side effects can be avoided if there is a proper examination of a specialized doctor.

This is something that doctors of our clinic know very well and make sure that you get the right treatment taking into account all the parameters of your health condition.

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What to expect from HGH therapy

Growth hormone therapy might normalize abnormalities related to AGHD and promote numerous health benefits for the patients. Especially during the last years, the new generations of hormone therapies have achieved even better outcomes. In the field of cardiovascular health, people now can notice a significant decrease of their diastolic blood pressure, better lipidemic profile with decreased low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol.

Doctor tell patients what to expect from HGH therapy

Besides the LDL-cholesterol, the metabolic profile of the patients improves as they can exercise more and increase not only their fitness level but also their body mass. Another important health outcome of GH therapy is a significant improvement in bone mineral density reducing the chances of osteoporosis and fractures. That is often noticed among people with GH deficiency and decreases the quality of life.

How to get HGH prescription

HGH is not prescribed for cases such as endocrinologically-normal, middle-aged, or elderly individuals for the purpose of delaying or reversing aging. This would be pointless, unethical, and is illegal in the USA.

The use of human growth hormone to increase the muscle mass or reduce the fat of athletes is considered as abuse and is banned

In adults, the legally prescribed uses of HGH include AIDS-related wasting and growth hormone deficiency. In adult men, the production of growth hormone starts to decrease and decline every 10 years by 14% and may reach up to 50% every seven years.

Even though there are factors related to genes or general factors not related to our actions like the pituitary adenomas. Our involvement with contact sports like kickboxing, basketball, and others might cause traumatic brain injury and head trauma and lead to AGHD.

Sometimes, in adult women, we notice the Sheehan’s syndrome which is among the 6 more frequent causal factors of AGHD. This syndrome is noticed in women who lose a big amount of blood in childbirth, and its occurrence is higher in developed than in developing countries.

In the next lines, you will learn how to proceed to a legal HGH prescription.

First step – Physical Examination

Visit the clinic for the initial physical examination and medical history taken by the physician. The clinical findings of AGHD using the physical examination are non-specific and usually do not lead to a specific diagnosis. But it is an important step so that the clinician judges whether there is any indication to check further for any possible GH deficiency.

Second step – Blood tests

After the physical examination and in case of suspicion for growth hormone deficiency, the next step is the use of blood tests to confirm or decline the initial hypothesis. Therefore, the blood tests are done measuring IGF-I and HGH levels. There are several other tests used, depending on the country and the laboratory preference, considering not only the availability but also the cost.

Such tests are the GHRH plus arginine stimulation test or the insulin tolerance test (ITT) and the glucagon stimulation test. Usually, when we test the growth hormone secretion after insulin-induced hypoglycemia an impaired peak of the GH level in one test is enough to diagnose adult GH deficiency, especially when the suspicion for it is high.

In such cases, also a single IGF-I measurement might be enough for the diagnosis. However, if the chances for adult GH deficiency are low we conduct both the GH and IGF-I tests to make sure that we have a clear diagnosis without any doubts.

It is always important to consider factors such as age and Body Mass Index (BMI) when we define severe HGH deficiency as an indication for therapy. This is explained by the fact that the growth hormone response is decreasing by age. On the other hand, obese patients have a greater response to growth hormone therapy.

Factors such as age and Body Mass Index should be considered when defining severe GH deficiency as an indication for the hormone therapy


Third step – The decision for an appropriate treatment

The doctor evaluates your blood test results and makes the diagnosis of combining the physical examination findings and personal history. In the case of HGH deficiency, the doctor decides about your therapy, the exact duration and doses.

The AGHD treatment starts with lower doses, which are increased gradually until they reach the desired results. Therefore, the follow-up by a doctor during the whole duration of the therapy is crucial.

Is HGH prescription only

There are several brands of injections that we use in our clinic according to the needs of each patient.

For our patients, we might judge that they need injection devices such as the Norditropin Flexpro pen device. These devices are known to deliver the growth hormone with minimal pain and adjustability. Injections can be stored at room temperature for 3 weeks.

Some other brands with different characteristics that belong to the category of growth hormones usually prescribed are Saizen, Humatrope, Genotropin, Zomacton.

There are plenty of products promoted as “growth hormone boosters”. They don’t need a prescription, but they are not approved by the FDA and don’t seem to work

Furthermore, studies investigating the effect of amino acid supplementation to promote growth hormone production is not very promising. In a 2017 published study, researchers investigated the effect of nutritional supplementation on HGH production in elderly women. They concluded that the intake of a mixture of amino acids had no effect on the HGH concentration.

HGH Prescription Cost

HGH prescription is not a simple process of taking a piece of paper and writing down the treatment. It is a whole process that you must bear in mind. This process includes the initial doctor’s consultation and physical examination, the necessary blood tests, and the evaluation of the result of the tests.

Growth hormone prescription cost

Therefore, because laboratories, doctors, and clinics are involved in the whole process, and they are free to charge according to their will, the prices vary from clinic to clinic.

Can you get HGH prescription online

Since we are talking about a therapy that has an important effect on several body systems, you have to understand that getting an HGH prescription without blood tests and physical examination is malpractice and is not ethical.

However, you can get a free phone consultation from one of our specialized doctors to inform you about the necessary steps to evaluate and check the existence of HGH deficiency and to get a prescription for treatment.

If someone offers you to get an HGH prescription online without any tests and physical examination, you’d better not proceed to any more steps because this “person” is not a legal provider and of course is not doing the appropriate medical process. The only legal way for getting a growth hormone prescription is by a certified doctor, after blood tests and physical examination.

What doctor can prescribe HGH

The only specialized doctor who can diagnose and prescribe HGH is the endocrinologist. Therefore, you should not trust any other medical or paramedical specialist who says that is diagnosed and suggests treating your HGH deficiency.

The human growth hormone is vital for your health and well-being. Our clinic chooses the most reliable doctors to take care of your growth hormone deficiency and provide evidence-based medical care. Take advantage of the quality of services that we provide and book an appointment with one of our doctors to help you treat the growth hormone deficiency, efficiently and safely.

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