Where and How To Inject HGH Safely for Best Results

Mimicking the body’s natural growth hormone secretion is important for the optimal effect of growth hormone therapy. Growth hormone levels peak during the night when you don’t eat food and your insulin is at its lowest.

What time is the best to inject HGH?

The best time to take your daily HGH injection is during a bedtime routine. This idea is backed up by scientific evidence, which also suggests the best time to take HGH is in the late evening, preferably an hour before going to bed. Overall, the procedure is simple and our experienced physicians will help you quickly learn how to mix HGH correctly and perform it pain-free at home.

What’s the best place to inject HGH?

Growth hormone can be injected either subcutaneously or intramuscularly, but subcutaneous administration is widely preferred for several reasons. According to the research, subcutaneous injections lead to a release of growth hormone in the blood that is much closer to normal daily changes.

Subcutaneous injection in abdomen area

Besides, subcutaneous injections safety is proven with scientific evidence and it’s highly preferred by patients since it’s much easier to apply at home.

On the other hand, absorption after intramuscular injection is far too short to result in a physiological curve in GH levels. Sites for intramuscular injections are the upper arm and the thighs.

Regular places for subcutaneous injections include the abdominal area, upper arm, upper hip, and thighs. But the best place to inject HGH subcutaneously is in the abdominal area since evidence has suggested it leads to higher hormone levels in the blood.

Despite this, HGH injection sites should be rotated frequently to prevent lipoatrophy in the area. This means localized loss of fat tissue, which is a common side effect of repeated use of subcutaneous injections (such as insulin, HGH, etc.) on the same site.

Switching your growth hormone injection sites allows the tissues to recover properly. Furthermore, it makes the injections more effective and completely painless.

How much HGH is safe to inject?

There are two main ways to dose the products – either per kilogram of your body weight or with a starting dosage. The starting minimum dosage is 0.2 mg/day, it can be increased by an additional 0.1 to 0.2 mg/day every 1 or 2 months under the control of your doctor.

Dosing per kilogram is contraindicated for people with obesity since it might lead to excessive dosage and side effects.

Your physician will determine the optimal dose depending on your body composition, symptoms, and specific blood tests

The exact method of injection and the initial dose can vary between HGH products and will also affect the cost of your HGH therapy. The most commonly used are Norditropin, Saizen, Humatrope, and Genotropin.

How to administer Norditropin

The starting dose of Norditropin shouldn’t be higher than 0.004 mg/kg per day and taken subcutaneously. The dosage can be increased every 6 weeks up to 0.016 mg/kg per day.

Norditropin comes in either powdered form which requires reconstitution or preloaded in the Norditropin FlexPro Pen which does not require mixing.

If you are using Norditropin powder then reconstitute each 5 mg vial with 1.5 mL of bacteriostatic water.

How to administer Humatrope

The initial dose of Humatrope must be lower than 0.006 mg/kg and the maximum tolerated dose is 0.0125 mg/kg per day. A vial of Humatrope contains 5mg which should be reconstituted with 1.5 to 5 mL of diluent.

Make sure to use only the supplied diluent syringes. Humatrope can be injected either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

HGH injection that doesn't require mixing

How to administer Genotropin

When first starting HGH therapy, Genotropin can be taken 6 or 7 times per week, with a total dose of up to 0.04 mg/kg per week subcutaneously. Then the dose can be increased at 4 to 8-week intervals if needed.

The safe maximum is 0.08 mg/kg per week. Genotropin comes in a pen or a mixer with either a 5 mg cartridge which is marked with a green tip or a 12 mg cartridge marked with a purple tip. An additional rear cartridge contains the diluent.

Alternatively, Genotropin Miniquicks are also available which contain a single dose from 0.2 mg to 2 mg.

How to administer Saizen

Saizen can be initially taken at 0.005 mg/kg per day and then it can be increased every 4 weeks. The maximum safe daily dosage is 0.01 mg/kg which can be injected either subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Saizen comes in two different sizes – 5 mg and 8.8 mg. Each of them can be mixed with 2 to 3 mL of bacteriostatic water for injection.

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