Cost of Legal HGH Therapy

Legal HGH therapy is not cheap. The total amount which you will have to spend includes the price of the medication as well as the cost of medical consultations and tests.

Be prepared that the initial consultation with a specialist will cost you about $100, plus at least another $100 for laboratory tests.

Undergoing these steps is a must so you can receive a prescription and legal treatment for the debilitating symptoms of conditions like growth hormone deficiency (GHD).

At HFS Clinic, we’re doing our best to make HGH therapy more accessible and maximize the effectiveness of the treatment for our patients.

Our clinic offers free initial and follow-up consultations, as well as discounts on the blood tests you need for proper diagnosis.

We also offer HGH medications at reasonable prices, which may range from $300 to $2000 per product, depending on the brand and strength which you have selected.

Thanks to our experience in treating GHD, we have also created approaches that help adapt the therapy to each individual, including personalized dosage, treatment plan, and lifestyle adjustments which maximize the benefits of HGH.

How much does HGH cost?

Legal HGH therapy may seem expensive, but the benefits it offers far outweigh the cost for patients with GHD. That’s because the treatment can completely revert your symptoms and alleviate all complaints.

Patients with GHD report that HGH therapy improves their quality of life, energy levels, fat loss, strength, endurance, sexual health, and more!

You may purchase legal HGH therapy at a conventional pharmacy or online. Buying it online can save you some time and effort, but the cost won’t be much lower than purchasing it in person.

Keep in mind that if the cost of an online HGH medication is too cheap, then you are most likely looking at an illegal product

Illegal HGH injections often have much cheaper price tags, and they are available without a prescription. Yet, it is important to consider the hidden risks that they may carry.

That’s because illegal HGH injections are usually shipped from overseas and lack any quality control. Therefore, the medications are often counterfeit or expired, which makes them ineffective.

Ultimately, this will force you to spend more money in the long term to effectively manage your complaints. Some illegal HGH products may even be contaminated, which puts your health at risk.

Why is HGH expensive?

The price of legal HGH is relatively high due to the fact that it is manufactured in the US, and it needs to undergo quality control. For example, the FDA controls the quality of all medications to ensure both their safety and potency.

What affects the final cost of HGH

Injectable HGH is also manufactured by employing modern technologies such as recombinant DNA synthesis, modification, and lyophilization.

The process involves the insertion of HGH genes in bacteria called Escherichia coli, which then starts producing polypeptides. The polypeptides are modified to convert into HGH molecules and then lyophilized to preserve the quality of the medication and extend its shelf-life.

What is included or can affect the final cost of HGH?

The total cost of your HGH therapy will also depend on the brand and the size of the HGH medication, as well as the price for the medical exam and the diagnostic tests.

However, the prescription required to buy legal HGH injections is not something you can purchase or pay for separately. Instead, your doctor will offer it as part of your consultation if you have been diagnosed with GHD.

The formulation of the drug is also an important factor to consider regarding the cost of HGH. HGH medications are available either in injection pens and cartridges for injection devices, or in vials.

Vials contain HGH in the form of powder which requires manual reconstitution with a regular syringe. Thus, vials are usually more affordable compared to injection pens.

Here is a comparison of the main FDA-approved and world-renowned brands of HGH, including prices, strengths and forms. Yet, they all contain the same DNA-recombinant HGH and have similar effectiveness.

Omnitrope Norditropin Humatrope Genotropin Zomacton Saizen
Strength 5-10 mg 5-30 mg 5-24 mg 5-12 mg 5-10 mg 5-8.8 mg
Dosage per kilogram of bodyweight 0.16 to 0.24 mg/kg  per week 0.004 to 0.016 mg/kg per day 0.006 to 0.0125 mg/kg per day 0.04 to 0.08 mg/kg per week 0.006 to 0.0125 mg/kg daily 0.005 to 0.01 mg/kg per day
Form cartridge or vial auto-injection device cartridge or vial cartridge or auto-injection device vial cartridge or vial
Price $250 - $450 $750 - $4,500 $700-$3,600 $700-$1,700 $300-$600 $750 - $1,200
Recommended Starting Dose 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg 0.2 mg
Average daily cost $10 $35 $30 $30 $15 $35
Average annual cost $4,000 $12,500 $10,500 $10,500 $6,000 $12,500

HGH cost per month

Below you will discover the monthly prices of the most reputable HGH brands on the market, such as Omnitrope, Norditropin, Nutropin, Humatrope, Genotropin, Zomacton, and Saizen. They are based on the starting daily dose of HGH (0.2 mg) and medication strength.

Omnitrope is available as vials and injector pens. The vials are some of the most affordable options, and the average monthly price starts from $300. If you are using an injector pen, the monthly price for the cartridges starts at around $500. The pen itself is a one-time purchase and costs $200 extra.

The Norditropin FlexPro Pen comes prefilled and preloaded, which means it is ready to inject right away. The monthly price starts at $900.

Humatrope’s monthly price is around $900 if you select the HumatroPen injection device or $800 if you pick the 5mg vial instead.

The cartridges for the Genotropin Mixer device are also around and will cost you about $800 per month. Alternatively, you may choose to use single-use devices called MiniQuicks, which will sum up to $1000 per month.

Zomacton is available in vials, and it requires reconstitution. The average monthly cost you will spend if you pick this brand is $400.

Saizen offers an Easypod injection pen, and the cartridges required to use it will cost you about $900 per month on average.

HGH cost with insurance

Insurance can cover the full cost of legal HGH therapy. Therefore, your monthly cost for HGH injections will be $0. Yet, insurance companies cover only specific brands in order to regulate their expenses.

Furthermore, you will receive coverage from your insurance company only if you present documentation proving that you are diagnosed with GHD. This includes performing laboratory tests at least twice to confirm the diagnosis.

Some insurance providers may also cover other medical conditions for which HGH therapy is FDA-approved, such as short-bowel syndrome and muscle wasting due to AIDS.

Unfortunately, insurance companies have a slow approval process and low approval rates. You may have to wait several months until you receive an answer about whether you were approved or not.

Is HGH from Mexico a better (cheaper) option?

HGH products bearing the names of FDA-approved brands are also available at a much lower cost in countries such as Mexico, Thailand and Turkey.

The price of these medications is often just half the price in the US, but there is a high chance that the medications are counterfeit.

Why You Shouldn't Buy Illegal HGH

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you are purchasing quality medications as Mexico and other countries lack strict control over the HGH injections approved for use on their territory.

The FDA also can’t regulate these products, so there is no guarantee that medications approved in such countries are safe, effective, or manufactured properly.

You are also limited on how much HGH you may bring into the US if you have purchased it abroad. You are not allowed to carry more than a 90-day supply, regardless of whether you use a US prescription or obtained the medication on a foreign prescription.

This means no more than three containers, and the medications must be of FDA-approved brands, still in their original boxes, and with the doctor’s prescription attached.

Why you should not buy HGH illegally

Patients often find illegal HGH appealing due to low pricing and the fact that they can purchase it online without the need to show a prescription.

The options include products presented as non-FDA-approved generic HGH injections, counterfeits of world-renowned brands, as well as other secretagogues that are supposed to boost your endogenous HGH synthesis.

None of these products are manufactured by a pharmaceutical company, nor are they regulated for safety and effectiveness.

The FDA does not control the quality of such products, so using them is usually ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

Illegal HGH products and secretagogues may lead to unexpected side effects due to potential contamination with unknown chemicals.

Therefore, purchasing such products may result in long-term costs which far outweigh the apparent advantage in the price tag.

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