Does low T cause infertility?

Low Testosterone and Male Infertility

Low testosterone (T) can wreak havoc on your sexual health, causing you to experience a lack of libido, debilitating fatigue, and erectile dysfunction. If your testosterone problems are due to testicular injury or damage, your chances to father children will also be affected. Testicular injury can lead to an inability to produce viable spermatozoids, low Read more about Low Testosterone and Male Infertility[…]

Can testosterone cause clitoris enlargement?

Is Testosterone Related to Clitoral Enlargement?

Women have about 20 times less testosterone (T) than men, but this doesn’t make the hormone less critical for female sexual function. In fact, testosterone plays a critical role in female libido, arousal, clitoral and vaginal blood flow, lubrication, and the occurrence of female orgasms. Interestingly, there isn’t a clear correlation between T levels and Read more about Is Testosterone Related to Clitoral Enlargement?[…]

Testosterone and body weight

Why Does Low Testosterone Lead To Weight Gain?

As you age, you become more likely to gain weight for two main reasons – your physical activity decreases and your metabolism slows down. One of the factors affecting your metabolic rate may be the changes in your hormonal environment, such as the age-related decline of testosterone (T) in men. Furthermore, medical conditions that affect Read more about Why Does Low Testosterone Lead To Weight Gain?[…]

Cholesterol and testosterone connection

What’s the Link Between Cholesterol and Testosterone?

Your cholesterol levels are tightly related to your hormonal balance. For example, your body needs cholesterol to produce steroid hormones such as testosterone, estrogens, progesterone, cortisol, aldosterone, and others. On the other hand, there are several hormones that regulate the metabolism of cholesterol and its serum levels in your body. Those include sex hormones, growth Read more about What’s the Link Between Cholesterol and Testosterone?[…]

How to prevent testosterone aromatization

How to Stop Testosterone Aromatization (+Natural Estrogen Blockers)

Best SERMs and AIs to stop testosterone aromatization If your estrogen levels are too high and you have symptoms, then your doctor may consider medications that block estradiol receptors or prevent aromatization in the first place. The two main options are aromatase inhibitors (AIs) and selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). Both SERMs and AIs can Read more about How to Stop Testosterone Aromatization (+Natural Estrogen Blockers)[…]

Does Testosterone Cause Aggressive Behavior?

The male sex hormone – testosterone (T) is sometimes used as a synonym for aggression and violence. The reports of violent behavior and “roid rage” in athletes who abuse testosterone also contribute to this image. Yet, scientists reveal that the connection between testosterone and behavior is much more complex and multiple hormones play a role Read more about Does Testosterone Cause Aggressive Behavior?[…]